Our candles use natural biodegradable wax and recyclable/reusable containers.

We also develop our candles so that there is only a minimum of wax leftover as wastage (if at all any), but here are a few tips on what to do with waste wax:

Removing wax from your container
Firstly, wax is not water-soluble, and jars containing leftover wax must not be placed in the dishwasher. Adding wax into the sewage system will only contribute further to the national 'fat burger' problem in our sewers and also clog up your dishwasher!

The best way to remove the wax from your container is to pour hot water into the jar and let the wax release itself from the jar and float to the top. You can use a paper tissue or piece of kitchen roll to absorb the wax that floats to the top whilst it is still warm or wait for it to cool and simply pop it out. 

Pieces of wax can be placed in the bin, or a storage box for onward recycling at a recycling centre. Please always check your local recycling and waste policy beforehand. 

Our fragrance-free candle wax can be placed in the compost. It should take approximately 2 months to break down.

If you don't find a new use for your candle jar such as whisky tumbler or mini plant pot...you can either put your clean jar into the recycling collection. Or, if you live locally to Stamford, then please feel free to bring your jar back to us and we will happily repurpose it (depending on condition) for candle testing and product development.