The Wick & Wax Co

Our luxury, high-quality candles are handcrafted in small, controlled batches in Stamford, Lincolnshire. We make beautifully scented candles, deliciously inspired by nature, as well as a small collection of hypoallergenic fragrance-free candles. All of our products are made with natural waxes such as our vegan Everyday Soy and our Luxurious Coconut and Beeswax blend and are designed to bring you the best possible candle experience whilst offering an alternative to mineral-based products.

Prolonged usage and enjoyment.

We invest considerable time and effort into the technical performance of our candles to create a high-quality product that is satisfying to use. Each candle  offers excellent performance with a clean, long burn time, a good scent throw and minimal wastage.

A touch of luxury with a clearer conscience.

We also take immense pride in crafting our beautiful candles without costing the environment greatly or leaving a big dent in your budget.  Using respectfully sourced ingredients is a focus for us, and we source natural waxes that feature ethical and sustainable properties along with British manufacture wherever possible. We also package our products very simplistically, supporting our minimalist aesthetic and with the environment in mind. 

The Range

We offer a gorgeous core collection of scents: Purity, Botanical, Sublime, Noir, Ile Tropicale, After The Rain, Plum With Rhubarb, Tuscany, and Mint With Honey. These are further augmented during the year with seasonal scents and limited editions - all deliciously inspired by nature.

Our Everyday Soy scented candles are designed for regular use, with subtle fragrancing that isn’t overpowering. Uniquely creamy in texture, these Soy candles offer long burn times and represent excellent value for money.

For the die-hard candle enthusiast and the ultimate gift, we also produce a luxury Coconut and Beeswax signature blend candle that delivers superior performance with a higher scent throw and features a beautifully silky consistency whilst burning cleanly.

The Fragrance-Free ‘Bee’ inspired collection comprises our Soy and Beeswax (SoyBee) blend and our signature Coconut and Beeswax (CoBee) blend along with our precious Beeswax mini pots, including Little Bee and Little Honeybee. The range is hypo-allergenic with air purifying properties and designed for good light and heat to create a gorgeous, cosy ambience.

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