Using respectfully sourced natural ingredients is a focus for us, and we source waxes that feature environmentally friendly properties along with British manufacture wherever possible. 

We create our candles using natural waxes including Soy, Coconut and Beeswax. 

Soy Wax

Designed for regular use.
Fragrance throw - Good, not overpowering.
Uniquely creamy in texture.
Long burn times.
Excellent value for money. 

The Soy wax that we use for our Everyday Soy range is a premium product and selected for its excellent performance properties for everyday use and good value for money. Soy wax is a natural candle wax and is made from the oil of the Soybean. It was created in the U.S agribusiness circa 1996 as an alternative to petroleum-derived paraffin wax. Some light frosting and changes in texture during use is perfectly normal and is a feature of natural Soy candles.

Natural | Vegan | Biodegradable | Palm Free | Paraffin Free

Making with integrity - Soy Wax

Coconut Wax

The Coconut wax that we use for our Luxury Coconut and Beeswax blend is sourced from sustainably harvested high yield Coconut crops and manufactured in the UK.  Like Soy and Beeswax, candles made from coconut wax are clean burning and long lasting.

Natural | Vegan | Biodegradable |  Non GMO | Palm Free | Paraffin Free

Beeswax is a precious, natural substance made by honeybees to form the honeycomb structure of their hive and it has a very distinctive smell. It’s pure, strong and has very clean and purifying burn properties making this an exceptional choice for candles.  It has a very high melting point, in contrast to other plant-based waxes such as soy and coco. We use beeswax in small quantities for our signature blends and our Little Bee and Little Honeybee candles.

Natural | Biodegradable |  Non GMO | Palm Free | Paraffin Free

Our in-house signature blends.

CoBee (Luxury Coconut & Beeswax)  and SoyBee (Everyday Soy & Beeswax)

Whilst the suppliers of our wax offer pretty exceptional ingredients that we like to use for our candles, we also like to also create our own unique blends to stretch the performance benefits further, and this, combined with our signature fragrance blends, offers a unique candle experience for our customers.

Luxury Coconut & Beeswax blend
For the die-hard candle enthusiast and the ultimate gift, we produce a luxury Coconut and Beeswax signature blend candle that delivers superior performance with a higher scent throw and features a beautifully silky consistency whilst burning cleanly.

So many candle brands, so many waxes, so many price points...

What we think and what we do:

We monitor the sustainability efforts of our supply chain and strive to use sources who carefully monitor their own sustainability policies and practices.  It’s a known fact that most Soy wax has been produced as a by-product of the production of soy related food products for human and animal consumption and has links to deforestation, along with other plant based wax products such as Palm oil.  We look for suppliers that can provide traceability of their product origins and production.

There is a lot of conflicting information about waxes and whether plant-based or mineral derived waxes are good, bad or indifferent. Chandlers use many waxes for their candle, and a wax has only to contain just 50% of Soy to be called ‘Soy’, which can be misleading – which leaves you wondering what makes up the rest of the wax! Often natural waxes are blended with Paraffin or other waxes and additives to achieve a better performing product.  Some of the very high-end expensive candle brands use predominantly Paraffin blends with Soy or other natural waxes because they are striving to create the best possible fragrance throw and burn times. Paraffin is something that we at The Wick & Wax Co. choose to avoid, however, we do understand why certain brands do use it.

We think that the important thing is, that for all resources that come from this planet, is to use them in moderation and balance. How we achieve this is a work in progress for everybody. 

We concentrate our efforts on providing a great quality of candle using the best natural materials available, with minimal packaging and fuss, for a price that doesn’t warrant a double take.  Our product is premium. It is handmade, and every single candle is checked at multiple stages during production before it is packaged for sale. We produce our candles in small batches which also means that we will inevitably sell out of certain lines from time-to-time ad there will be a lag before it is replenished.  That is the beauty of handcrafted, artisan products.