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Reed Diffuser Care and Advice - Product Safety

The performance of this diffuser, using natural rattan reeds, is gentle and long lasting for several months.


Please read ALL of this information before you use your reed diffuser.

  1. Unscrew the lid of the diffuser bottle and place between 6 and 10 reeds inside the bottle.
  2. Allow the reeds to stand in the oil for 24hrs whilst the capillary action draws the scent upwards, and the reeds become saturated.
  3. After 24hrs, turn the sticks over and back into the pot carefully. You may wish to use PP gloves to do this. WARNING: Fragrance/Essential oils can cause irritation when in contact with skin or eyes. Please see below for details of what to do in the event of such contact.
  4. Place your diffuser on a flat, steady surface and away from heat sources that may increase the evaporation rate and overly intensify the fragrance.  Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures of over 35%.

Increasing or reducing the scent diffusion

To increase scent diffusion - you can add additional reeds as required, or turn them regularly, once each week, to reinvigorate them.  To reduce the scent, simply remove reeds until you reach your desired level.


SKIN CONTACT: If your skin does come into contact with the oil, simply wash the exposed area throughly with soap and water. CONTACT WITH EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes (Remove contact lenses if worn, to rinse). If irritation persists or rash occurs, seek medical advice/attention. In the unlikely event that it is required, the ingredients for this oil can be found on the reverse side of this guide. Please keep this guide safe.

Safe disposal: Dispose of leftover/unused fragrance oil in accordance with local regulations. Avoid emptying into drainage systems or into the environment.

Empty bottles/containers should be rinsed and recycled in accordance with your local disposal guidelines.