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Disposal and Recycling - Reed Diffuser

Our Reed Diffusers are made using natural Rattan reeds, plant-based diffuser base oil that is infused with a small amount of fragrance oil, and presented in recyclable/reusable glass bottles.

Reed Diffusers are designed so that the fragrance oil evaporates over time until there is nothing left in the bottle.

To clean your bottle, simply put a tiny amount of detergent into the bottle along with some warm water. You can either leave to soak or use a bottle brush to give it a wash. Following which, rinse the bottle and dry.



Used bottles can be presented for recycling in your normal household kerbside collection cycle or you can reuse/refill.

Dispose of leftover/unused fragrance oil in accordance with local regulations. Avoid emptying into drainage systems or into the environment.
Empty bottles/containers should be rinsed and recycled in accordance with your local disposal guidelines.