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Oud Florale - Scented Soy Candle

Candle Size Guide

Need a little help with deciding which size candle to buy?

Our range comprises 5 candle sizes which means that you can find something perfect for every home setting and gifting occasion. 


A votive-size of candle that is ‘personal’ - perfect for travel use, a gift, or for use in smaller more intimate home settings. This size is ideal if you are simply trying out the fragrance before committing to purchase a larger version.  In larger settings we like to use multiple mini candles in an arrangement, to create a beautiful aesthetic and scent ambience.

Net Weight:                  75g
Burn Time:                    < 15 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:    H:71 x W:58 x D:58 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Small-sized rooms / Close proximity

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This size of candle and is perfect for a birthday treat or personal use in a small setting such as a snug, bedroom, bathroom or study. This container is larger than the ‘Mini’ and just a little smaller than the ‘Midi’ sized candles. 

Net Weight:                 175g
Burn Time:                   < 35 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:    H:84 x W:74 x D:74 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Standard-sized rooms
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The most popular candle for everyday use in the home.

Net Weight:                  220g
Burn Time:                    < 45 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:       H:93 x W:85 x D:85 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Standard-sized rooms
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A taller container with a similar diameter to that of the ‘Midi’. This candle is long-lasting and most suited to regular use, offering great value for money with its 100-hour burn time. 

Net Weight:                  500g
Burn Time:                    100 hrs
Jar Dimensions:  H:145 x W:82 x D:82 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Standard-Large sized rooms
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LARGE 3-Wick 

This large size of candle allows for a wider disbursement of scent. Ideal for use in open-plan or large room settings and when looking for a statement centre-piece when entertaining.

Net Weight:                 725g
Burn Time:                   < 80 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:    H:122 x W:120 x D:120 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Larger rooms and open-plan areas
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Sale price£32.00 GBP

Oud Florale

Seductive, Middle Eastern vibes.
Sensual Rose charms the air before the deep and unique smoky tail of precious Oud lingers long after its memory.

Top notes of Taif Rose and Peonies
Middle notes of Clove, Amber and nut milk
Base notes of Agarwood, Praline and Vanilla

Allergen Declaration

Oud Florale - Scented Soy Candle
Oud Florale - Scented Soy Candle Sale price£32.00 GBP