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Purity - Scented Soy Candle

Candle Size Guide

Need a little help with deciding which size candle to buy?

Our range comprises 5 candle sizes which means that you can find something perfect for every home setting and gifting occasion. 


A votive-size of candle that is ‘personal’ - perfect for travel use, a gift, or for use in smaller more intimate home settings. This size is ideal if you are simply trying out the fragrance before committing to purchase a larger version.  In larger settings we like to use multiple mini candles in an arrangement, to create a beautiful aesthetic and scent ambience.

Net Weight:                  75g
Burn Time:                    < 15 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:    H:71 x W:58 x D:58 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Small-sized rooms / Close proximity

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This size of candle and is perfect for a birthday treat or personal use in a small setting such as a snug, bedroom, bathroom or study. This container is larger than the ‘Mini’ and just a little smaller than the ‘Midi’ sized candles. 

Net Weight:                 175g
Burn Time:                   < 35 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:    H:84 x W:74 x D:74 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Standard-sized rooms
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The most popular candle for everyday use in the home.

Net Weight:                  220g
Burn Time:                    < 45 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:       H:93 x W:85 x D:85 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Standard-sized rooms
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A taller container with a similar diameter to that of the ‘Midi’. This candle is long-lasting and most suited to regular use, offering great value for money with its 100-hour burn time. 

Net Weight:                  500g
Burn Time:                    100 hrs
Jar Dimensions:  H:145 x W:82 x D:82 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Standard-Large sized rooms
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LARGE 3-Wick 

This large size of candle allows for a wider disbursement of scent. Ideal for use in open-plan or large room settings and when looking for a statement centre-piece when entertaining.

Net Weight:                 725g
Burn Time:                   < 80 hrs
Jar/Lid Dimensions:    H:122 x W:120 x D:120 (mm)
Room Size Suitability: Larger rooms and open-plan areas
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English Pear, Freesia & Amber

Run carefree amongst wildflower meadows and orchards, with the sun smiling over you and a crisp cool breeze streaking through the warmth of the day. This very subtle and clean fragrance evokes a feeling of purity and freedom.

Top notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Pear.
Middle notes of Magnolia, Orchid, Rose and Muguet.
Base notes of Musk, dry Amber and a touch of Patchouli. 

Allergen Declaration

Purity - Scented Soy Candle
Purity - Scented Soy Candle Sale price£32.00 GBP